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Monterey has a rich multicultural history. Today the city is referred to as the "Language Capital of the World." The greater Monterey area is directly involved with 25 percent of the nation's post-secondary learning in languages. In addition, the community has unique natural and cultural resources. What better place to create an international school to meet our young people's needs for the future!

The International School of Monterey will provide children with a cheerful, innovative, creative and caring environment.

While maintaining the School's proven traditions, we encourage professional development and growth. We take every opportunity to be aware of current theory and practice while preserving a balanced approach.

It is our goal to educate the whole child. Within the framework of a structured curriculum, we make every effort to offer students opportunities to solve problems, ask questions, learn skills and be creative.

It is my honor and privilege to act as the School's Founding Director. It is my hope and dream to provide our students with a relevant, stimulating, and unique opportunity to become productive, caring and responsible world citizens.

Most importantly, it is our solid and relevant curriculum that drives the school. Our international program guarantees continuity, consistency, scope and sequence.

My ideal school is where I would delight in being a student again! The International School of Monterey is that school!

I look forward to welcoming you to our school community.

—Robert Landau, Founding Director

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