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2001-2007 Director Welcome

Whether a student, current or prospective parent, educator, or other interested party, I welcome you to the International School of Monterey website.

Since it’s opening in 2001, ISM’s reputation in the community has been one of high academic rigor and innovation coupled with equal access to all socio-economic levels in a nurturing, safe environment. As the first International charter school, ISM is a pioneer, fulfilling for school age children what Monterey represents for adults through its international and multicultural businesses and higher education institutions. ISM provides the type of school we wish for our children, for all children.

My own two children, as many of ISM staff’s children, attend the school, making us both providers and consumers of the education offered here. Understandably it is with a critical eye and high expectations that we view our school and it is a partnership between all involved community members. Staff is expected to foster the academic, intellectual, social, ethical, physical, and emotional growth of each student. Students are expected to develop self-potential and connect with the world. And high parent participation is expected both at home and on campus. Walking the halls on any given day I am invigorated by the excitement of students, parents, and staff as they work, play, and learn.

It is our vision to create a world neighborhood school. I am honored and proud to have been ISM’s Director since it’s opening. It is my goal to provide our students with a relevant, stimulating, and unique opportunity to become, as we state in our mission statement, “conscientious, compassionate and responsible citizens of the world.”

I hope a fraction of the passion and spirit that permeate ISM will reach you through these pages and look forward to welcoming you to our campus so you can collect evidence for yourself.

—Chrissie P. Jahn, Executive Director, 2001-2007

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